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How to Write a Persuasive Essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay? A persuasive essay is not just your typical essay. It is a type of academic writing in which arguments and logic must be carefully used to convince readers that your standpoint is valid. Hence, providing solid proof like examples quotes from the professionals and research.

What should you do to make your persuasive essay highly eye-catching and appealing to read? Here are some important tips for you to look at, so the next time your professor assigns you to make one, you know exactly what to do!

Determine Your Audience

First of all, who would you be talking to? It could be parents and kids, students, middle-aged conservatives, or others. This is your first step towards creating a successful persuasive essay. Knowing your target audience will help you set the right style, language, approach, and facts. For instance, if your topic is about why kids should not spend hours online, your target audience is definitely parents and children. Remember that audiences have their own unique wants and needs. One may work with one audience but not with another.

Choose A Trending And Interesting Issue

This is what some people neglect. After all, readers like a good tale or story. Choose a topic that’s very close to your beliefs, or you’re familiar with already. This way, it will be easier for you to write a paper since you already have enough information to include. Moreover, a topic that greatly appeals to you would also mean less work persuading your readers. Sure, there are still research works involved, but having a strong opinion on a subject you know will make the defense quite easier.

Make Sure To Do A Deep Research

This will test your skills to counter the opposition. You should know both sides of your argument so you’ll get to convince the reader to agree with you. Simply putting it, you will not easily convince the readers that your opponents have a ruinous hidden agenda or simply morons. DO NOT try to fake out any argument or notion. Just be true and implement comprehensive research before going culmination. Provide substantial facts and evidence to support your stance. It might be opinion from experts, concrete examples, a call-to-action, statistics, and analysis, or others.

Outlines Are Crucial

Don’t be too confused with the outlines of the persuasive essay. They are just similar to that of a regular essay outline. They also come with an introduction, body, thesis statement, and conclusion. These will help you sort out all the important facts. Also, outlines will help you stick to the point. Your introduction should have background, thesis, and hook as well as the body with a few paragraphs with an argument and supporting evidence, plus your opponent’s arguments and your own counterargument. Finally, your conclusion should leave readers with food for thought.

Organize Your Arguments

How would you convince the readers if your arguments and notions are not adequately organized? Be precise and purposeful. Make sure to structure and organize your persuasive essay well to get your ideas easily identified. Start with an argumentative, clear thesis statement. Then, develop the argument. Make an outline beforehand to know your thesis statement, reveal major points, cite evidence-based supporting points, and list down possible counterarguments.

Don’t Forget The Basic Principles of Persuasive Essay.

This is something you shouldn’t overlook as well if you’re aiming for perfect arguments. You should look beyond getting others to accept your point of view. You have to appeal to human emotions and logic too. How? By applying the persuasive writing basic principles (which was described by Aristotle). How to Write a Persuasive Essay:

  • Ethos – appealing to the credibility and character of the writer. Make use of authoritative resources for proving arguments.
  • Pathos – appealing to people’s emotions. Focus on the values, beliefs, and morals of your readers.
  • Logos – appealing to reason. Rely on evidence and logic to persuade readers to agree with your essay.

End Your Essay with Stimulating and Strong Points. Final words on How to Write a Persuasive Essay

It is not easy to finish the persuasive essay. To make it less hassle on your part, don’t include any new statements or facts in your conclusion. Instead, it is where you must recap the subject’s substance, combine and merge all the information in body paragraphs, and review the thesis. Appeal to the reader’s needs. Recommendations can also be included to persuade people to take action. Otherwise, ask rhetorical questions to leave them with something to think about for the time being.

You’re now ready to create a winning persuasive essay with these tips! It is one of the student’s most favorite writing projects as it strengthens their skills of persuasive speaking, thinking, and writing. If you think coping with the assignment alone won’t fit well to your schedule or you need an expert guide, you can always seek help from a professional writer through the top-quality writing services they offer.


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