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How to Write an Essay About A Person

What makes writing an essay about a person highly sought-after among students is that it is merely about describing or telling valuable things about someone. You don’t have to gather responses from other people – no pieces of evidence, no thorough details, and no special effort.

But on the negative side…

Writing an essay about a historical figure, public figure, or even a fictional character is challenging. This is true, especially if you don’t know that person well or you don’t have strong feelings about him or her. You’ll just have to rely on your interpretations and observations to help strengthen your essay.

Fret no more!

To help make your assignment less complex on your part, we came up with a few tips which we know could be of utmost assistance. Let’s start!

Choose A Person You’re Already Familiar With

Why complicate everything if you have the freedom to choose the topic for yourself? I mean, of course, it is possible to opt for a completely fictional person, but it’s potentially wise to make someone at least a combination of those you already know. This would make your essay ‘sound’ more authentic to the readers.

Keep Away from Sensitive Topics

Writing an essay that reflects a certain person shouldn’t hurt the feelings of other people around them. In case you’re given a personal paper that involves political, gender, or racial issues, just focus on the positive.

Start With An Excellent Introduction

Keep in mind that your introduction will lift everything. Some readers base the “appeal” of an essay on the introduction. Don’t sound trivial. You can start your essay with interesting facts, statistics, or quotations.

Remember…Action Speaks Louder Than Words

This specifically applies to descriptive essays about a person. For instance, don’t just tell that Ana has four personality traits. Instead, show those traits through words, behaviors, and actions.

How? Take a look at this example:

Ana’s smile is very contagious. Her whole body is involved every time she laughs. She owns long brown curls that fly about her shoulders and face, and her brown eyes seem like they want to say something.

As you notice, you should not only describe Ana having long brown curls and brown eyes. You need to be creative. Do everything possible to make a real image of the personality you’re talking about. You can look for metaphors, idioms, and epithets to make the text alive.

Find inspiration

If you have no clear idea what an essay portraying someone should include, we recommend getting an inspiration by another person – whether through books, newspapers or magazines, news, internet blogs, or social networks.

Don’t Use Complex Words

Never feel ashamed of the list of words you only know. Just settle on them, and don’t try to complicate your essay and your readers by using words that you don’t know. After all, it is the meaning of every text that matters; not how in-depth your words are. But if you insist on making your text richer, you can use synonyms though replace complex terms with simpler words.

Proofread, Edit, And Voila!

A finished draft is only half of your battle. Is it easy to read? Would the essay make sense to you and the reader? You can have someone else read your essay and ask for any criticisms that it might have. A good paper must include all the details that help readers understand the topic’s significance from the writer’s point of view.

Additionally, check for punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors with an online checker or grammar checker. The anti-plagiarism software is also ideal to know whether your essay is completely original.

You’re now ready to pull off an impressive essay about someone!


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