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How To Write An Essay In 30 Minutes

Question is How To Write An Essay In 30 Minutes? Unless you’re born with the natural ability to write well and to love writing in and of itself — which most of us aren’t — it can be extremely difficult to get an essay done in a short amount of time.  Are you looking for some support in how to do your essay in a short period of time so that you can get back to your life faster without compromising your grade?  Here are the best suggestions to help you get it all done in 30 minutes or less!


  • Plan your essay out paragraph by paragraph: You’ll be excited to learn that a lot of the focus of writing your essay quickly is going to be in the planning process. Before you even start writing, you’re going to want a plan for your essay that focuses on each paragraph.  You’ll want to make sure that you have everything required for each paragraph.For instance: your introduction needs a hook (opening sentence), a thesis statement (the central argument) and a transition from the introduction to your first body paragraph.  Your body paragraphs must be in order of your thesis statement and contain a topic sentence (a summary phrase of what your central point is per paragraph), evidence to support it from the text/research, and then explanatory sentences.  Then a linking sentence that leads on to the next phrase.  Your conclusion should summarize your main points, restate your thesis statement, and then conclude with a final, “mic-drop worthy” finishing sentence to close your essay.

    There’s no question that it sounds like a lot, but proper focus on each of these planning points will help you get the actual writing done in a short amount of time.

                              How To Write An Essay In 30 Minutes


  • Focus your attention on each paragraph’s focus points: When it comes to actually writing. You’ll want to start by writing the body paragraphs first. It’s important to have your plan done, still, as having the essay organized point form paragraph by paragraph is critical to staying on topic. If you just do all of your body paragraphs first — which are basically just quotes and explanatory sentences — you’ll find that your motivation shoots up when you realize that all you have to do is the introduction and the conclusion.


  • Write in a distraction-free zone: It’s important to do your essay in a zone free from distractions. This includes conversations, social media and even the internet (which shouldn’t be a problem since you’ve already done your research, right?). This will keep you on-task for the full 30 minutes.


Doing your essay doesn’t have to take you 2 weeks.  You can do the planning first and then write the entire draft in 30 minutes.  It’ll give you control back over your life and you’ll still get a great mark.  These tips will help you.


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