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How to write an essay, The right way!

How to write an essay

1. Mistakes we use in essays.
2. How you should word your paper.
3 . What is the difference from a good paper and a bad one.

Writing an essay can be stressful and sometimes tiresome for anyone who does not know how to make one. Whether you are a student or an adult, you will always have to make an essay sometime in your life, sooner or later.

So, what mistakes are made in essays you may be wondering? It is the fact that people take on that essays HAVE to be in a certain format. It honestly does NOT matter how the essay is played out. You do NOT need to have five paragraphs in order to make it an essay, or even four. Just having two or three paragraphs will get you a passing grade, as long as you lay it out right. Now you may be thinking “But you just said that the format doesn’t matter”. What I mean by that is the paragraphs, and what you need all in it. Having an opener, with a thesis statement is always going to be a must within the first paragraph.
Having only a few paragraphs to worry about is more convincing that you will be done faster, making your mind to figure out “Okay, this will be faster and more easier.” With the second paragraph, you will want to go ahead and start answering the thesis, while providing proof that what you say is true and/or convincing; depending on what the essay is about. To make the second paragraph stand out, add an example with the proof. Adding too much information in the paragraph will cause it too fall out and make it sound all icky, and not good.
With the second paragraph done, its time to work on the third paragraph; which will restate your thesis statement and answer it. The difference from a good paper and a bad one is the matter of how you word what you have, and the format that you use. Essays require lots of checking, and rechecking; while having a friend or family member also check it out. It is crucial that you try NOT to repeat anything that you say in the essay, unless it is the thesis, and the why/why not in the last paragraph.


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