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How to write an essay on Honesty is the best policy

                                “No Legacy is as rich as honesty.”

Once you get instructions for writing an honesty essay, writing a perfect honesty essay may sound easy. Everyone knows the meaning of honesty-an act to tell others the truth, but when it comes to writing a short essay on honesty, it may become a real challenge for most of the students to write down true meanings and feelings on a paper. So, that is why, today in this article, we will share useful ideas and tips to write honesty essay for students. So, if you are one of those students who keep striving to come up with valuable points and realistic plan for this easy, then this detailed article will help you to achieve your goal.

The Tips to write a short essay on Honesty is the best policy

If you find it challenging to write and come up with right paperwork about honesty is the best policy, these useful and straightforward to implement tips will help you to cover the deadly bridge of effective writing and will become in handy.

  1. A Strong and compelling Introduction paragraph:

For writing and useful piece of information, it is very much crucial to hit the reader’s mind with the great starting. Yes, as we all know “The first impression is the last impression,” so make sure you use strong vocabulary in your essay writing and go beyond simple definition. Here are few of the points that can help you to write a compelling introduction paragraph:-

  • You can start your topic’s introduction broad but not too broad.
  • You may need to provide relevant information, but don’t start stressing on the importance of honesty.
  • Always try to avoid clichés.
  • Always try to convenience your readers that your essay is worth wording.


  1. Try to explore more:

However, before writing a small essay, it would be much beneficial if you explore the topic more than just simple dictionary definitions. For example, you can share your ideas about the meaning of honesty in a small paragraph. The personal touch always goes in favor.

To get more information, you can explore different scenarios, cultures, ages, and roles that come up with various meanings and level of importance. The only hard work that you would need to do is go beyond simple meanings and do your best to impress your audience.

  1. Give strong, and exciting examples:

The best way to complete your essay writing with the perfect wording is to add real-life examples about that particular topic, means you can add striking examples about honesty rather than putting stress on the meanings of honesty. With fresh and solid examples, your write up can have a significant impact on the other side’s reader who will inevitably become able to understand the main idea of the topic. When you clearly explain your thoughts, you paint a brighter picture of those ideas for the readers.

  1. Always stick to relevancy:

It is necessary to hold to the relevancy of the information consistently. Most of the times the biggest mistake that students do is writing irrelevant content about the primary topic. They somehow lost their track due to the flow of ideas, and thus it becomes impossible to make the craft more eye-catchy and less wordy. So, always make sure to write short, concise and to the point essay.

For instance, everyone knows the meaning of honesty is the best policy, so you don’t need to stress this phrase again and again in your essay. Instead, you can write interesting short length facts about this proverb, that will be engaging and new to your teacher.

  1. Discuss the function and origin of Honesty:

It is very much significant to describe the function and the origin of honesty. Notably, for writing a short essay on honesty, it would be a great way to engage the reader with your essay writing. Everything in this world has some origin, and it usually looks impressive when someone mentions the background of a particular topic of discussion.

  1. Ending paragraph:

Once you are done with the explanation and the examples, it is the time to end the paragraph with the final words. In this part of an essay, you can stress the importance and the need of having honesty in the heart. Without honesty, nothing could be achieved, and nothing could be everlasting.

  1. Conclusion:

The last wording of the essay should be strong and compelling again. This is the part where the reader will show most of his interest because he will want to see what you have learned with this particular topic and what perception you hold against it.

So, these are some instructions if a student follows writing his/her essay on honesty is the best policy, we guarantee that he will get the success. However, let’s have a quick view of what we have discussed above.

  • Strong and Compelling Introduction paragraph.
  • Always write more than just a simple definition.
  • Explore your surroundings and get the best real-life examples.
  • Stick to the relevant information and don’t make essay too much wordy.
  • Always end with the strong and powerful words.
  • And never forget to add a conclusion as this is considered as the overall result of the explanation.


Most importantly don’t forget to follow the format of essay writing, this matters a lot. If you will not follow the instructions, probably, your instructor would not show interest in reading your essay. So, always follow the necessary academic writing rules. Like:-

  • A clear outline of all the details.
  • Keep the paragraphs small and meaningful (3 small section enough for short essay).
  • Don’t overwrite about the topic.
  • Always add inspiring quotes about honesty is the best policy and keep your writings natural.

Pro Tip:

If you find it baffling how to execute you’re flow of information into categories, the best way is to write all the main points that you have in your mind on a rough sheet and then try to divide them under relevant categories. This way you can have a clear mind-set of how to execute.


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